History of Facebook

On February 4th, 2004 Mark Zuckerberg , a 19-year old sophomore at Harvard University, launched a social networking site then known as “thefacebook”. Membership to the site was restricted for Harvard students only, inside the first month, more than half of the undergraduate population on campus was using the site. During March of 2004 Facebook expanded its network to students at Stanford, Columbia, and Yale. The site would soon become open to all Ivy League schools and eventually most universities within the US and Canada. Up until this point to join Facebook you had to be a member of one of the recognized schools, colleges, universities, organizations or companies and have a valid e-mail associated with that institution. In September 2005 Facebook launched its high school version requiring an invitation to join the exclusive site, one year later Facebook was open to everyone. It is now one of the most trafficked website in the world, one week during March 2010 more people visited Facebook than they did Google. It has grown into part of our culture now being used for more than catching up with old friends and colleagues. Celebrities use it to connect with fans, organizations use it to recruit members, the President even uses it to stay connected with younger generations. Companies also have their own pages which they use to inform people about new products, events, press releases, conduct polls, and most of all advertise themselves to the over 600 million members of the Facebook network.

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