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Group Project Evaluation

April 29, 2011


After being assigned such a broad topic as mobile phones in developing countries it took our group a little while to figure out how we wanted to approach this topic and develop our thesis. Our group met a couple times and some further research we decided that we create a video to get our point across. […]

Always On

April 18, 2011


AMST 475 Always On Data Here is my data from week of logging my use of different technologies. Even though I use technology in all of my classes it was not a major factor in the amount of time I was on my computer. The other part of my life that is affected the most […]

Generation Connected

April 1, 2011


There was one quote from the movie the Social Network that I thought really defined my generation and where it was going. It came from the coked out inventor of Napster (another revolutionary program of this generation), Sean Parker, when he said “We lived on farms, then we lived in cities, and now we’re going […]

Digital Divide and E-Waste

March 2, 2011


The digital divide as defined in DME is “the disparity between what are sometimes called the ‘information rich’ and the ‘information poor” (p.126) but its much more than that. The digital divide isn’t just whether or not you have access to a computer or technology it is whether or not you know how to use […]

No Middle Ground With Either/Or Strategy

February 23, 2011


During our debate we focused on the issue of the LEGO toy company using elements of the  Maori culture in their new Bionicle toy series and whether it was right or wrong for the company to do so. I was on the team which sided with LEGO and that they  did not miss use the […]

Facebook Is A Tool of Revolution

February 14, 2011


Facebook is a great resource for finding people, networking, sharing what your interests with others, and now has been used as a tool to start a revolution in Egypt. The young people of Egypt, as seen in this video, are using Facebook to voice there opinions about the government and what should be done to fix […]