Group Project Evaluation

Posted on April 29, 2011


After being assigned such a broad topic as mobile phones in developing countries it took our group a little while to figure out how we wanted to approach this topic and develop our thesis. Our group met a couple times and some further research we decided that we create a video to get our point across. We started our general research with the history of mobile phones in developed countries to understand how the involvement of this new technology was applied and how it helped that country grow. We then compared the process in which developed countries expanded the use of mobile phone technology to how current developing countries are expanding the use of mobile phone industry. Following our research the group decided it would be best to split the main topic into subtopics for each group member to focus on.  After each group member researched his or her subtopic we focused what we had learned from our research and developed a thesis for topic. Once we had done a large amount of research we decided on doing a video to explain each person’s subtopic along with our overall thesis on how mobile phones are affecting developing countries, we also thought it would be more fun and entertaining for the class then sitting through another power point presentation.

The only thing I would have done differently would have been to have each person do the voice over for their topic in the video. By only using one person’s voice, all though he did a great job, it gives off the impression that he was the only one who did anything for the project. Other than that I thought our group worked very well together and that the entire process went very smoothly and that our video turned out great.

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