Always On

Posted on April 18, 2011


AMST 475 Always On Data Here is my data from week of logging my use of different technologies. Even though I use technology in all of my classes it was not a major factor in the amount of time I was on my computer. The other part of my life that is affected the most by technology would have to be my leisure time, this is I guess the time opposite school so it makes sense to look here.

Often times people talk about how they just sit on the internet and do nothing worth while except browse Facebook for hours on end and watch Youtube videos and act as though young people don’t ever do anything productive if they’re using technology for something other than school. Don’t get me wrong I did play 18 hours of  XBOX during the week but I also spend a lot of my time doing other productive things online.  It is the often misconception that young people like to use technology just because its technology but really it’s not so much the “interest in technology per se, but the rather the people and relationships technology provides.” (Watkins 49) I use technology to stay in touch with friends, email a wide range of people, and also just read about things that interest me. A majority of the time I spent on the computer/internet was spent reading about the stock market and hundreds of articles about different companies and economic events through out the world. It is something that interests me and I find the time I spend doing such things time well spent.

This whole idea that young people are socially disconnected because we spend all this time online and it is decreasing our attention span, to me, is being blown a little out of proportion. Yes young people, and really people in general, spend a large amount of time using technology in today’s society and that is because over time it has become “more everyday than occasional” (Watkins 49) . If technology were around 40 years ago people would have been doing the same thing as we are today.

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